Print & Pub

Brochures at Eskoand at Affinion. Advertising for VVLBBDO and Choco.

Freelance logo design.

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Packaging Design

Artworking at Designboard, Brandimage Brussels and Freelance work for Esko.

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Webmaster and Graphic designer at Affinion International, freelance work for different clients

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Booth design

Booth design cases for Esko.

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About me

I am a publicity designer with a masters degree in Graphic Arts at Luca School of Arts in Brussels.


Since I ran internships at VVL/BBDO, Loewe Lintas, G&Co, Famous and Choco, I have worked as a graphic designer in smaller companies as Eurologos, La Movida e.o. to bigger companies as Affinion International as a graphic designer. I worked as a packaging artworker and adaptation designer for Designboard to my present job as a graphic designer with Esko.


I have worked on different media and with growing expertises. From web to print and pack, from photoshop specialist to 3D designer and brand guardian.

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All rights reserved to the following companies: BBDO, Designboard, Affinion International, Esko, Cardone Consulting

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